• Chris Burniske, a trader who correctly predicted the market bottom in 2022, believes the time is right for a reversal in Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto.
• He cites multiple favorable factors such as BTC prices near its 200-week simple moving average and the end of Fed action as reasons why this could be a prime time for a reversal.
• Burniske also highlights the progress made in decentralized finance (DeFi) to create an “Internet Financial System” (IFS), which combines DeFi elements with compliant systems that invite global capital to utilize open networks.

Investor Who Called Market Bottom Predicts Crypto Reversal

A trader known for accurately predicting the crypto market bottom in 2022 has stated that it appears to be “a prime time” for Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto to reverse. Venture capitalist Chris Burniske has over 260,000 followers on Twitter, and he recently shared his thoughts on why he believes there is potential for a big reversal soon.

Factors Lining Up For Potential Reversal

Burniske highlighted several factors that could lead to the predicted reversal including BTC prices being close to its 200-week simple moving average, Fed action coming to an end, credit crunch present but not at crisis levels yet, and US government unlikely to default. He noted that equities are doing well while crypto lags behind, so now may be an ideal time for growth in crypto markets.

New Product Cycle Emerges In Crypto

The venture capitalist also mentioned his excitement about a new product cycle emerging in cryptocurrency due to mature infrastructure being available for products to use. This is far beyond what was available during DeFi Summer 2020, and according to him anyone not getting excited isn’t paying close enough attention.

Internet Financial System On The Horizon

Burniske believes this new product cycle will eventually transition into something called an “Internet Financial System” (IFS), which involves combining DeFi elements with compliant systems that invite more global capital into utilizing open networks. Tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs) will also play an important role in this IFS model according to him.


It remains unclear if or when Burniske’s predictions will come true but it is certainly encouraging news for those looking forward to seeing growth in cryptocurrency markets after years of stagnation following Bitcoin’s bull run of 2017/2018.

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