• FTX is warning customers of an ongoing scam where fraudsters are impersonating the exchange and asking for money or passwords.
• This is not the first time bad actors have attempted to take advantage of FTX’s troubled situation. Earlier, a fake video had popped up on Twitter impersonating the exchange’s founder.
• The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation also warned investors against a cryptocurrency scam involving FTX in December.

FTX Warns Customers Against Crypto Scam

The embattled crypto exchange FTX is warning its community about an ongoing scam targeting its investors. Bad actors are trying to deceive users by offering them the return of their lost funds from the exchange’s bankruptcy in November, demanding money or sensitive information in return.

Fraudsters Impersonate Exchange & Founder

To target potential victims, scammers offer the return of their lost funds while impersonating the platform. Additionally, days after FTX filed for bankruptcy in November, a fake video popped up on Twitter which was designed to look like it was from Sam Bakman-Fried (SBF), founder of FTX, asking users to go to an unsafe website to “double their crypto funds.”

Oregon Division Of Financial Regulation Warned Investors

Furthermore, a month after FTX’s downfall, Oregon Division of Financial Regulation also issued a warning to investors against a cryptocurrency scam involving FTX. Consequently, this new attack vector tries to bait victims by requiring account passwords or payment as fees for allegedly transferring back funds.

FTX Team Confirms No Agents Ask For Payment

While addressing its community in a recent tweet, the FTX team confirmed that neither debaters nor any agents will ask users for money or payments or any passwords for accounts related with recovery efforts and reassurance their customers that no such request should be met with compliance.

Bitcoin Price Rises Above $23500

At press time Bitcoin’s price stands above $23500 according to daily chart from TradingView. Additionally, scammers have been continuously attempting various strategies since then to cause losses among unsuspecting victims investing in cryptocurrencies even though regulatory authorities have been actively monitoring these occurrences and taking necessary actions against it.

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