• MicroStrategy is a software company that has integrated BTC into its financial strategy, and now holds the largest BTC supply for any publicly traded company.
• Several major players in the financial world have invested in MicroStrategy to gain exposure to Bitcoin, including Bank of America, BlackRock, Fidelity, Capital Research, and The Vanguard Group.
• The capital injection has caused MicroStrategy’s stock price to rise and trend above its 2020 low of around $110 due to its close correlation with Bitcoin’s price.

MicroStrategy’s Bet on Bitcoin

Software company MicroStrategy is receiving attention from major players in the financial world due to its investment in Bitcoin (BTC). Almost three years ago, it became one of the first publicly traded entities in the U.S. to integrate BTC into its financial strategy. Since then, it has kept on adding BTC to its treasury and currently holds 140,000 BTC worth $3.9 billion – representing 0.66% of the entire Bitcoin supply.

Gaining Exposure Through MicroStrategy Shares

Buying shares of MicroStrategy is a way for companies in the U.S. to gain exposure to Bitcoin since they have limited options to bet on BTC’s long-term appreciation due to the SEC’s refusal to approve a spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Companies like Bank of America (226,506 shares), BlackRock (10,800 shares), and Fidelity (96,800 shares) all purchased shares of MicroStrategy during Q1 2023 alone while Capital Research and The Vanguard Group are two of its largest shareholders with 154,100 and 28,000 shares respectively.

Impact on Price

The capital injection received by MicroStrategy has impacted its price as it is closely tied to that of Bitcoin’s price so it follows a similar trajectory; there was a downtrend over the past year but continued trending well above its 2020 low around $110 following its BTC treasury strategy.

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Microstrategies bet on bitcoin has been beneficial for both itself and investors as it continues trending upwards despite recent market fluctuations due largely in part because of their investments into cryptocurrency assets such as bitcoin which provides them indirect exposure until regulations become more accepting surrounding this asset class

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